Child Care Centre & School Cleaning Services Melbourne

Many parents are choosy about where they will send their children to class. They need to feel that their children stay in a perfect and unblemished environment. Do you own a school or child care centre? Worried about its cleaning and maintenance? Well, Precious Cleaning Services can assist you with giving a satisfying appearance to people.

Precious Cleaning Services works in various areas around Melbourne. Every area is staffed to serve you proficiently and to give you a maintained service you desire. Our staff has mastered the art of cleaning and they can assist you with meeting your business mission. We know how to give careful consideration to the cleanliness of basic areas, for example, eating/drinking fountains, study tables/chairs.

Schools and Child Care Facilities

Childcare Cleaning & School Cleaning Services MelbourneWe deal with a scope of cleaning services for schools and child care facilities inside of the Melbourne and external suburban areas. We consider sanitation and cleanliness a high need for our cleaning services in these destinations utilizing master cleaning tools and products. All our staff who work in schools and/or childcare centres are accredited with a “Working With Children” status.

School and Child Care Centre Cleaning Services involves non-harmful, bio-degradable products, more advantageous and more secured for children. These products run as one with our colour coding system for all cleaning tools used as a part of any cleaning the worse places.

Expert Cleaning Services for School and Childcare Centre

Our particular cleaning services for learning services consist of:

  • Wide-ranging cleaning for all doorways, corridors, classrooms, play areas, assembly rooms, cafeterias and offices
  • Cleaning of whiteboards and chalkboards
  • Support for a wide range of ground surface
  • Waxing, buffing, and stripping for all floors
  • Shampooing of floor coverings, utilizing particular watch over every rug sort
  • Cleaning of all windows, all around
  • Restocking, cleaning and sanitizing in all latrines
  • Reusing and green cleaning services
  • Wiping in difficult to-achieve areas
  • Clearing and power washing in all parking garage areas
  • Tidy up after unique occasions/events
  • Play zones, tables and seats
  • Sinks, tubs and seats
  • Nappy change zones, dividers and baseboards
  • Junk and waste evacuation and cleaning of containers
  • Lavatory floors: scope and soggy mop with high temp water and disinfectant.
  • Antibacterial cleaning of toilets, urinals, reservoirs and hand bowls
  • Windows including window ledges, blinds and colours
  • And, whatever else may be the exceptional prerequisites of your childcare focus.

You can guarantee that the kids in your consideration are appropriately tended to by enlisting us to keep the floor and corners spotless.

Specific Floor Care

Cleaning services offer you lovely and more enduring floors. Here are the means by which we make your floors as well as can be expected be:

  • We dispose of all spider webs
  • We clean floors with particular procedures for every floor sort
  • We clean floors with the right chemicals for every floor sort
  • We give uncommon consideration and additional consideration to high traffic areas
  • We dispense enough time for legitimate floor care
  • We prepare all our faculty to look after every kind of floor

We guarantee that you get the best conceivable floor cleaning and support services.

We guarantee that our customers are completely fulfilled by the services we give. The greater part of our faculty is completely prepared and experienced in cleaning an assortment of situations.

We also give emergency cleaning, for when you require it most.

Why pick Precious Cleaning for school and child care centre cleaning?

The vast majority of the general population leans toward Precious Cleaning Services because you never get another opportunity to make an extraordinary early introduction. Childcare centres are spots of learning, inventiveness and bliss. They’re likewise a portion of the hardest spots to keep clean.

We comprehend the genuine obligation, child care centres need to give a sheltered and clean environment for understudies, educators and families. Trustworthiness Facility Services can assist you with meeting those obligations.

Cheerfully, you’ll find that our Melbourne school cleaners are talented at excluding dirt from floor coverings, paint from the walls and fingerprints from windows as we are at purifying seat tops, nappy receptacles and kids’ toilet seats.

Thus, we keep up our services for cleanliness and quality control. We need to guarantee that your schools and child care has the capability to get cleaned!

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