Everybody loves a party. Your kids, your friends even your grand parents! But what about you? In theory you will enjoy your night – but what if you are worrying about how your guests will see your house? Or your house becoming filthy?

This guide will teach your how to prepare and party proof your house before the big event.

  1. Strategy – Pretend to be a guest and fix anything you notice that you think guests will see or accidentally ruin.
    • Stand in your front yard and look towards your house. What can you see? Cobwebs, smudged windows, dirt or clutter. Time to clean that up.
    • Go through through the front door. Put away anything guests might see as they come into the party and decide what is breakable and what needs to be cleaned.
    • Find a direct path to the party area. The best way to avoid mess is to eliminate the likelihood of guests entering other rooms in the house.
    • Next go to the kitchen. Although you may not want guests here it is almost inevitable that they will want or need something at some point of the event. Put away all breakables and stock up on the plastic cups and plates.
    • Bathrooms are a common hang out area. Again putting away any breakables, remove all of your toiletries or store them in a cupboard, leave a hand soap you are happy for guests to use and ensure there is enough clean towels for hands.

Precious tip – get the family involved and assign them to an area of the house.

  1. Brighten the windows and glass – this leaves a great impression and makes your house sparkle.
  1. Bathrooms – these will be used by every guest in your house and possibly noticed the most. Impress you guests with a sparkling bathroom.
  • Scrub the toilets.
  • Clear the counters and pack away your toiletries.
  • Give the shower and tub a wipe over – although these wont be used it is worth the sparkle.
  • Tidy your medicine cabinet and tuck away anything you wouldn’t want guests to see or use.
  • For any help on bathroom cleaning please contact Precious Cleaning for a free quote.
  1. Kitchen – you will most likely be cooking up a storm or getting in professional catering, either way you need a clear fridge and a tidy space.
  • Start by clearing out your fridge, this will ensure you have enough space for all of the party food.
  • Stock up on disposable cutlery, plates and napkins these will be needed throughout the event
  • Wipe down the counters, fridges and stove stops. Although these will get used having them clean from the beginning will prevent any food scrap build ups.
  • Empty the bins – this is a no brainer. You will surely fill the bins over the duration of your event so make sure they are clear and ready
  1. Walking spaces – this is optional depending on your party setting. If you are having a teenage party, a milestone party (16th,18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th or the biggest one of all a 100th) or any other big celebration you will want to have the carpet and tiles ready.
  • If you have tiles and floor boards you are already ahead. They should be swept and mopped to ensure they look clean and don’t build up dirt. After the party do the same and it will be like you never had a party.
  • Carpets – these are the tricky one. If you have a small walking space of carpet that your guests will use we recommended to save your carpet from damage that you place plastic sheets down and use masking tape to hold them in place.
  • If your guests will be on the carpet for a majority of the time we recommend vacuuming and spraying a carpet protector. Although we know the carpet will still be dirty after the party we can assure we have the services you need to remove all your party dirt and stains. More here.

Although parties can be a lot of hard work if you are properly prepared you can throw a party to remember and enjoy. For any pre or post party preparations please contact Precious Cleaning for a free quote today.