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The term “Precious” its self, speaks a lot about the company. Precious Cleaning Services strictly values your precious space and takes good care to hold its true beauty and worth.Our team of cleaners understands that whether you stay in a rented space or your own house, keeping it clean is a tedious task. After a day of hard work in the office, you feel like coming home to a clean environment and be able to relax with your family. Our team of certified cleaners provide a high-quality service to ensure that you take pleasure in the more significant things of your life, while we take care of the boring cleaning. We are the domestic cleaners in Melbourne offering daily, weekly, and fortnightly services.

Our dedicated team members are always happy to help, ready to listen to your needs and provide a tailored cleaning solution. Precious Cleaning Services act accordingly to the priorities of the customer, making sure we do not interrupt your day. We offer premium domestic cleaning services in Australia for our clientele and we look forward to having the chance to serve you.

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Would you prefer spending your free time cleaning the house, or would you rather be spending your time going out with friends, shopping, and partying? We are sure you wish for the second option. When cleaning becomes a headache and a tiring chore, it is always wise to think of hiring a professional. Our domestic cleaning service is affordable and just a phone call away, so enjoy the spending your free time as you wish and give us the opportunity to serve you and make your house sparkling clean.

We use 100% safe chemical free products. Our domestic service cleaners in Melbourne ensures for a perfectly clean house. From elevated lofts to the unreachable corners of your house, our cleaners make sure that your house has no speck of germ anywhere.


The fresh air, clean dirt-free furniture, sparkling kitchen and bathroom, fresh clothes neatly ironed; overall a hygienic sanitary environment is what we wish for after a busy day. Our domestic cleaning service will leave you with enough time to spend with your kids and your social life.

The domestic cleaning experts from Precious Cleaning services are fully trained to ensure that your house is taken care of as required by you. We are knowledgeable with the hazards of destructive chemicals and therefore, we only use environmental friendly products to clean your house. Our services are of high-quality with affordable pricing.

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