Precious Cleaning Services is one of the best office suppliers, with regards to domestic cleaning services.

If you are busy with your work, your home and your family, then life can get extremely overwhelming. The uplifting news is that we have a scope of reasonable domestic cleaning services to give customers a delightfully clean and getting home!

“Give us a chance to make your home shimmer and sparkle!”

Domestic House Cleaning Melbourne

Residential Cleaning Services

We can modify our home cleaning services to guarantee that your house is well taken care the way you need. We will make a bespoke activity plan- daily, weekly or fortnightly, which can include:

Home Cleaning

Our customers let you know that their domestic cleaning service is different to any of that they have tried before. From our clean and tidy products that are Eco-friendly to our super-proficient teams of domestic cleaners, who look after our cautious domestic cleaning procedures. Home cleaning includes;

Faultless Floors: Dust and pebbles from outside can be brought into your home, which causes germs. Our immaculate and regular floor cleaning products will support and clean your floors so you can bounce those feet over the floor with certainty!

Brilliant Wood: Whether it’s object from olden times, mid-century chic or advanced moderate- your furniture is precious to you. We verify to keep your wood dust-free, polished and supported with almond oil so it looks and smells awesome and ideally lives for a long time.

Ravishing Glass: See your perfect glass flicker. We can clean your glass surfaces to flawlessness. Now, say bye-bye to marks or scratches and make proper acquaintance with sparkle!

Shimmering Steel: Has your steel lost its sparkle? With , you will see your steel shimmer. No more spread sinks or scratched hobs, simply clean and streak free surfaces.


Laundry Service

Think about slipping between the sheets of a naturally washed bed with full cushions, a splendidly smooth sheet. Our Lovely Laundry service implies that your beds are made like an inn and your clothing has been washed and dried nearby exactly when you require it.

Also, the skilled team wash and dry your garments and even iron them and put them away. Now, no more chasing for that delicate outfit that is still in the laundry basket. Your garments can be crisp, perfect, squeezed and prepared to wear.

Ironing Service

Have you ever felt overwhelmed after watching that mounting heap of wrinkled clothes? We all lead such busy lives that ironing their own clothes is one of those jobs most people despise! Let’s face it, can all think about a superior use of our time, for example, sitting down instead of standing at the ironing board.

Our perfect Ironing team will press your garments, fold, hang and even put them away! Abandoning you with freshly ironed garments and a closet ready to go!

We can offer our customers a perfect ironing service where our team make your home spotless. Your ironing necessities can be as a temporary or regular service. And, your clothes will be in good state and all set to wear!

The best thing is that it is a reasonable service which is readily available as we don’t charge by the thing and our ironing is done nearby.

Get your quote now and get a wonderful results with Precious Cleaning Services!

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