A carpet cleaning service may look wonderful at first glance with its professional-looking technicians, cheap prices, and great deals. But, a carpet cleaning service is out to make profit. Professional-looking technicians may have no idea what they are doing. Or cheap prices may result in poor quality.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services

Facts to consider

rug cleaning & upholstery cleaning services MelbourneMake the Best Choice

You should conduct your own research on all the rug cleaning & upholstery cleaning services companies in melbourne. You have to consider the procedures and methods different service provider use, their price, and quality of service. Also consider the cleaning products and working hours the certain companies are working with.

Experience in Carpet Cleaning

While hiring a carpet cleaning service, consider the experience that the company possesses. Professionals are more experienced, as they have worked on a wide variety of carpet cleaning related situations and faced a wide array of problems. So, they have the ability to optimize solutions to remove dirt, stains, and other particles.

The Price and the Quality Index

Most people often look for the cheapest offer, but it is not the right decision, when you need an efficient and quality cleaning service provider. You will get what you have paid for. So, while hiring a carpet cleaner, you must consider both the price and the quality of service provided by the company.

Guarantee for Company’s Work

Have you ever consider- what happens when you hire a cleaning service, pay large amount of money to get your floor clean and they don’t handle it properly? Or they ruin your precious sofa? The answer to these questions depends on the research you have done earlier. You should make judicious choice and look for carpet cleaners, who offer some kind of guarantee for their work.

Carpet cleaning methods

When hiring professional carpet cleaner, you should know the various methods used to clean your carpet. Consider the following: –

Steam cleaning

It is considered suitable for most carpets. It is done with a truck-mounted or portable machine. Most often carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction method of carpet steam cleaning. In this method, the carpet is vacuumed, water is injected into the carpet, and water is vacuumed out.

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Dry cleaning

It also refers to as a “surface cleaning”. It is useful for cleaning a variety of household surfaces and areas such as glass that need a fast drying time or for sanitising . Dry cleaning can be used as maintenance clean, but for more efficient and full clean, steam cleaning is best.

Bonnet cleaning

This is the most widely used form of dry cleaning. It is also called as spin pad, absorbent pad, tip cleaning or carbonated shampoo cleaning. Bonnet cleaning is the process of applying a cleaning agent to a cloth disc, called a “bonnet,” and using a 175 RPM low speed machine to spin the bonnet over the carpet. cost-effective method for maintaining carpet, assuming the carpet is no longer under warranty.

So, you can consider these facts while hiring professional carpet cleaning services. These will help you to choose the best cleaning service as per your requirements.

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