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Commercial Cleaning


Precious Cleaning Services is your one stop solution for all your commercial cleaning needs. A sparkling dirt free office or any commercial space for that matter,instantly conveys a professional image to your customers, acquaintances, guests, and employees. We understand your professional needs for a spick and span, spotless, and hygienic environment. Our highly trained team in Melbourne commercial cleaning services maintains the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) measures to do their work efficiently.

We cater to various commercial sectors such as industrial, retail, schools, hospitality, office and high-rise, councils, clubs and many more. Precious Cleaning Services trains the entire team of cleaners with specialized in-house training at our head quarters in Preston. A neat and tidy commercial area can enhance the work productivity of the employees. A clean office space is an extension of your trademark, your brand and the work quality, products, and services on offer. We ensure a flexible and adaptable approach for commercial cleaning needs.

Our Commercial Services Comprise Of

General cleaning

Strip and seal of vinyl floors

Open air clearing

Scouring of tiles

Stairs/lift cleaning

Flood Restoration

Hot water extraction cleaning carpets

High weight cleaning of pathways and car parks

Building exterior cleans

Window cleaning

Stream Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning services Melbourne
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More About Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Clean Office

Commercial Cleaners Melbourne

Every type of cleaning has its own procedures and tasks that need to be completed to provide optimal results. Commercial cleaning is also different from domestic or any other form of cleaning. The health and safety of the employees are of prime importance when it comes to commercial cleaning. Apart from customer expectations, the legislation standard must also be met while cleaning a commercial area. The materials used for working in commercial areas also vary depending on the job required.Professional cleaning services can be time consuming and a difficult process. Rest assured with true peace of mind that your business or organization will be cleaned to absolute perfection by Precious cleaning services.

Do you sometimes feel that your employees are not working at their highest potential, that clients are not having great first impressions? It may be because your office space is low in energy due to not being clean and organized, therefore not reflecting a positive vibe when on enters.Are you looking for professional help to maintain your commercial premises in Melbourne? Connect with Precious Cleaning Services, your number one choice for all commercial cleaning solutions. An organization must be competent in maintaining order and hygiene. Precious, the Cleaning Companies Melbourne offers a range of business cleaning solutions that are available at your earliest convenience.

Other Commercial Cleaning Services


Whether you clean your office yourself, or have proficient cleaners come in; various cleaning products are used on every surface as a part of your office, from one corner to another including floors, windows, furniture, and so on.

End Of Lease

Everyone knows that planning and the process of moving your home causes more stress than anything. So, why consider cleaning it too? It’s our end of lease cleaners’ business to promise that you leave the property


Hiring a professional window cleaner who has the right equipment and skills has always been the best option. Here can be many reasons to hire a professional cleaner rather than attempting to do the work yourself.

Bars, Pubs & Clubs

Whether you’re planning for a huge DJ occasion or any kind of event in pubs or nightclubs, the main worry is to clean up the area. Well! For that purpose, you can trust Precious Cleaning Services

Medical Centre

Precious Cleaning Services offers hiring for, and deals with the cleaning of various commercial offices and buildings, (both huge and small) in the interest of property managers and direct occupants.

School & Child Centre

Precious Cleaning Services works in various areas around Melbourne. Every area is staffed to serve you proficiently and to give you a maintained service you desire. Our staff has mastered the art of cleaning


Our expert hotel cleaners pride themselves on their tender care, departing your rooms prepared for new guests on immaculate request. Your hotel premises won’t experience the ill effects of absence of kindness and justifiable hotel cleaning.

Industrial & Factory

Factory and Industrial Sites Cleaning services provide the capability to clean and restore the uniqueness of the project at the most extreme degree all around by going by our points given below.

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